8 Week In Home Exercise Programs

Everything You Need To Start At Home TODAY.

Your health is important, & it starts with 8 weeks of Habits & Consistency

Looking for a fresh program to kick off 2021?!

You've found it!

TIAB uses a personal development approach to wellness and the My 25 eating method

We have so many fun pieces of equipment & programs for you that will help build base body strength, core habits and principles, and a simple eating method that guarantees you're sure to love the food you eat! Check This Out!

Ranging From $35 to $99

There's Something For Everyone

Are you DONE with the trends of diet & exercise that only leave you frustrated and confused when all you want is to LIVE a healthy lifestyle? WE HEAR YOU!

Do you feel like you need to lose 5 lbs. before even stepping foot in a gym?

Are you tired of diets that have weird foods & leave you hungry?

Are you ready to fall in LOVE with the person in the mirror?

We understand just how challenging it is to navigate through the process of getting started so we have put together a Personal Trainer In A Box just for you!

YES! I want to know more!

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TIAB supplies you with amazing exercise programs you can do at home & the equipment to go with it.   You have control over what you eat & we teach you small consistent adjustments to make your new eating habits last.   

PLUS we include a program all about loving and supporting the power of your mind!

Order your Personal Trainer In A Box and everything gets sent right to your door backed up with a powerful email each week of your program to guide you through with printables, tips & tricks, recipes and MORE!

You have what it takes to achieve your goals and we help guide you in that journey because we are stronger together!

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Ready for a lifetime of looking and feeling your best? Taking the first step is the hardest part. So we’re bringing it right to your door.

Kicking off your fitness journey can feel intimidating. Who wants to feel lost at the gym, or hopelessly behind during fitness classes? You deserve so much more.

Your personal Trainer In A Box (TIAB) has everything you need to build your healthy lifestyle in the comfort of home.

We’re giving you permission to skip the fast-paced classes and the marathons - for now.

We’ll supply the tools, inspiration, and tough love you need as you build up your rock-solid foundation. Before you know it, you’ll feel empowered to step into any gym with confidence, try that new sport you’ve been dreaming of, or sign up for that race you’ve had your eye on.

No more sitting on the sidelines. We’re here to teach you the basics of mindset, nutrition, and physical activity. We designed this unique personal development approach to health and fitness to make sure your new lifestyle becomes part of who you are, so your healthy routines stick around for good.

The truth is, everyone was once a beginner. We’ve created TIAB just for you, and we’re excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Ready to get started?