Q. How is the Personal Trainer In A Box program set up?
 A. Trainer in a Box is an 8 week program that teaches habits of starting your health and fitness journey. 
 Choose from a variety of our programs and your Box will arrive on your doorstep containing the exercise equipment necessary for the program, 3 books covering our 3 pillars - mindset, nutrition, and the exercise program. You will receive emails to guide you through the 8 weeks of learning and applying information on the habits of health that are needed to develop a lifestyle of health. 
We aim to help those wishing to start!
 Q. Is trainer in a Box download or DVD?
 A. There are downloadable PDF's attached in our emails to use digitally or if you love to put pen to paper you can print them off! The Box that is shipped to you contains 3 printed book programs. No DVD necessary.
 Q. How long is the trainer in a Box program?
 A. When you purchase a program we have you covered for 10 weeks from day one! 
You will receive an email following your order confirmation with next steps. We start right away! When your Box arrives at your door we will continue the chosen exercise program over 8 weeks.
 Once you have consistent habits built and establish some base body strength, we show you how to take it up a notch should you wish to continue for longer than 8 weeks with the program. This includes adding reps, sets, and HIIT and the "how" to increase your exercise.