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 Elizabeth Sullivan & Terri Good are co-founders of Personal Trainer In A Box, a health & fitness company born from the concept of taking a self awareness and personal development approach towards health in order to achieve lasting transformation.

Elizabeth Sullivan is a business owner, fitness professional, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Bikini Bodybuilding champion, and married mother of 4. She has a passion for making a positive impact on the world and has discovered health & fitness to be a key to how people feel and show up in life. She believes that with a growth mindset & action we can achieve our goals. When not at work you might find her in the pit of a Dave Matthews band concert or jumping out of airplanes. Elizabeth loves living life to the fullest.


Terri Good is an entrepreneur, 30 year fitness veteran, former professional bodybuilder, gym owner, Jesus follower, wife to Derrick, mother to Kendalyn and cookbook author and self-professed pizza connoisseur. Her passion lies in wellness education and inspiring others to find their path to a happy and healthy lifestyle using longevity as a motivator. “When you have a strong understanding of your “why”, great habits start to layer themselves, one on top of the other, creating strength and integrity in your wellness journey.”


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