Slider Disc Program

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Personal Trainer In A Box - Slider Disc Program. (This one-time program purchase lasts eight weeks)

When your Personal Trainer In A Box arrives, get ready for the amazing eight weeks ahead! Open it up to find:

  • All the exercise equipment you’ll need for the program you’ve chosen, like a set of exercise slider discs. These versatile two sided discs can be used on hard floors or carpet.

  • Your mindset guide. We want you to believe you can do this (because you can!). You need to see this new life as attainable, focusing on the self-development practices to help you stick with your goals and kick those negative thoughts to the curb.

  • Your nutrition guide. To make any healthy eating plan stick, your diet needs to be as individualized and unique as your own body. For instance, we help you develop a list of your top 25 favorite foods! Because if you don’t love your new lifestyle, you won’t stick with it. And we’re not gonna let that happen.
  • The TIAB Workbook. This workbook takes you week by week through your program. By using this you will gain some valuable insights into your own habits and preferences and learn how to make adjustments as you wish.

We’ll also begin with the nutrition basics you thought you already knew: what’s a calorie? What do protein, carbohydrates, and fat do in our bodies? And most importantly: how should you consume each one of these things to make your goals into reality?

  • Fun and necessary tools like a tape measure, stickers, bonus offers, recipe cards, and more. Sometimes, we’ll even surprise you with extra samples of the latest products we know you’ll love.

Each week for the duration of your program (each program lasts a recommended eight weeks), open up your Personal Trainer In A Box email, where you’ll find tips, articles and information specific to your program. With plenty of fun pdf worksheets to review, bonus recipes, and more, you’ll never forget there are women all around the world tackling these same new challenges, having breakthroughs, and getting into the best shape of their lives.