Suspension Trainer Program

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Personal Trainer In A Box - Suspension Trainer Program with Trainer Terri Good.

When your Personal Trainer In A Box arrives, get ready for the amazing eight weeks ahead! Open it up to find:

  • Suspension Trainers are an extremely versatile tool in both form and function. They can be used indoors with a door anchor, outdoors by hanging them on a sturdy tree branch, or in the gym by hanging them on equipment such as a pull up bar. Your suspension trainer program incorporates cardiovascular, training, resistance training and mobility training into your daily life. 
  • What makes it so unique is that it integrates multiple muscle groups, engages your core and is extremely easy to adjust resistance. If you're starting to lose form on your rows, for example, simply take a step back to complete your set at an easier angle. 
  • All the exercise equipment you’ll need for this program, including a colorful set of your very own Suspension Trainers Bands, a door anchor and extension so that you can take your workout anywhere, including OUTDOORS!
  • A workout guide book demonstrating a week's worth of workouts, all set up to take you through a full 8 weeks of fitness. 
  • Your mindset guide.We are here to motivate you. While your fitness lifestyle is evolving, you will see your goals as attainable. We will help you by focusing on self-development practices to help you stick with your goals and kick any negative thoughts to the curb.
  • Your nutrition guide. To make any healthy eating plan stick, your nutrition plan needs to be  sustainable, individualized and as unique as your own body. For instance, we help you develop a list of your top 25 favorite foods and show you how to fit them all into your healthy eating plan. Think about it,  if you don’t love the food you're eating, you won’t stick with it.
  • The TIAB Workbook. This workbook takes you week by week through your program. By using this you will gain some valuable insights into your own habits and preferences and learn how to make adjustments as you wish.
  • Completely new to nutrition? We’ll also give you nutrition basics. What’s a calorie? What do protein, carbohydrates, and fat do in our bodies? And most importantly: how should you consume each of these to make your goals into reality?

    Bonus tools- Sometimes, we’ll even surprise you with extra samples of the latest products we know you’ll love.


    Order your box today and START your journey!